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The Poor Man’s Store + Occupy Etsy

When the Occupy Wall St. Movement began a much needed T-shirt shop popped up on the Etsy marketplace,appropriately named The Poorman’s Store . With phrases like “Be the change“, “The power of love not the love of power“, and “Greed kills” we knew instantly that  we found the right people partner with to help spread the #OccupyEtsy message.

We are offering this shirt AT COST just to help spread the word that we, the creative community, will not be held hostage by a corporation who does not stand by their word and allows factory made goods to be sold on their handmade marketplace.

You can find the #OccupyEtsy shirt as well as the rest of their ethically minded collection at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thePoorMansStore  (lets see how long Etsy allows this shop to remain open)

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