This article was written on 03 May 2012, and is filled under About.

Why Occupy Etsy?

Etsys decision to reinterpret their policy and allow the reselling of manufactured goods along with its failure to uphold its mission statement has created a marketplace that is no longer supportive of the handmade community. We find Etsy is not deserving of the use of the creative communities image in promotion of its brand. Since Etsy does not allow their members to speak freely on their forums we have created this space to allow Etsy members to share their stories. We will actively aggregate Etsy news while also highlighting the contrast of Makers vs. Resellers since Etsy has a hard time identifying the difference.

We will not sensor stories or make any personal onions but simply allow the community of Artisans to speak up.

You can show your support for the handmade movement by :

  1. Signing the pledge here
  2. Placing your shop on Vacation Mode for 24 hours on May 10th
  3. Like us your shop may be your livelihood and closing it is not an option, but if you would like to still show your support. On May 10th please replace your shop banner with the one below or one similar.







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